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TM001 - FEED - "Thigpen" CS

Image of TM001 - FEED - "Thigpen" CS


The mysterious gods of sweat are back in existence after years of dormancy. Through Thigpen's vitality, FEED is born again to call upon all sterile insects. Superhuman sonance has materialized itself into a full-length, ten song, cassette that picks up where the forsaken hiatus commenced. IN FEED IS FLUX.

Here is an interview with questions answered by the troubadour himself.

TM - What is Feed? Who is Feed?

F - FEED was a dirty man. A man with quite a history. A man whose life was shrouded in self-abuse, who you might find in your back yard, just standing in the corner of the lawn, staring at your children with hungry eyes. Something happened back when that sent his life into the depths of a future abyss. If you’ll stay a while, I can relish the tale upon your ears….

TM - What is a Thigpen?

F - The year was 3157. The world was in peril, as you’d expect, after all the intelligent human beings set sail for bigger worlds. Life had found a way to exist in the barren environment left behind. FEED was left to rot in a ditch under an overpass, begging for sustenance from beings that weren’t there. FEED was dying, FEED was lost. One day, on a particularly bright afternoon, a creature scuttled up to a sleeping FEED and made a clicking noise with its mandible. FEED awoken, startled at the large, hexapedal being hovering over him.

“What?” He asked in a gargley, gruff tone.

FEED then heard a voice in his head.

“Being, I am Thigpen, I am on a voyage to your beginning. Do you know the way?”

TM - What are Feed’s favorite things?

F - FEED thought for a while, staring at the uppity motions of the creature. It seemed unable to stand still. FEED shuffled onto his haunches and spit a dark liquid on to the broken pavement. He again heard the voice.

“Being, I am Thigpen, I am on a voyage to your beginning. Will you assist me?”

FEED stood up, his torn clothes and scruffy hair white from the dust of the sunken Earth. He looked west and began walking. Thigpen followed, scuttling along the sand, not far behind.

TM - Where did the recording for Thigpen take place?

F - After days of trekking across a barren land, they arrived at a caravan, a mobile bazaar of the mutated, the forgotten, the seedy characters that scavenged the wastes. FEED approached a vendor without a face. FEED pointed at an old rusty can, filled with dirty water. The man without a face opened his hand, revealing an empty palm. FEED searched in his pockets for a piece to barter and came up with a paperclip, a child’s marble, and straight razor, placing them on his palm outstretched toward the vendor. The man without a face hovered his hand over the straight razor, tilted his head slightly and took the child’s marble. FEED quickly grabbed the rusty can of water and gulped it all down. It sludged down his throat with an unsettling feeling of relief. He nodded at the vendor and continued his walking, the creature Thigpen in tow.

TM - Who recorded it and how was it recorded?

F - “Being, are we close to the beginning?”

The strange voice filled FEEDs sleeping mind. He jutted awake, the darkness still surrounding them. Thigpen scuttled back and forth in front of FEED, seemingly eager to move on. FEED stood up and began running west, as fast as his legs could carry him. Thigpen mirrored his actions and followed the running man. The darkness was vast in the calm desert night, bright stars shone above; promising new life elsewhere. FEED continued to sprint westward, sweating and panting, the creature following.

TM - Any tour plans?

F - FEED had passed out due to dehydration, but not until he had ran for hours into the darkness, covering miles of sand ridden earth. Thigpen stood above him, looking for signs of life. The creature nudged the still man with one of its legs. No movement. Thigpen attempted to communicate.

“Being, are you alive? We must find the beginning. What has become of you?”

The connection to the human was not as it once was. FEED was dead.

TM - Thanks for your time. Any last words?

F - At that moment, a bright, purple flashing orb appeared in front of Thigpen. Electric waves surrounded the ball of violet light, whisking around Thigpen’s body. Suddenly, the creature was enveloped in light. A strong sense of euphoria entered Thigpen’s massive brain and it suddenly realized, the dead man had found the beginning. In death, the creature became.